Divine Transmissions

Divine Embodiment sets up new realities for all of us. We no longer need to reprogramme our limiting belief systems and focus on clearing inner blockages. We are now ready to activate our Light Being and Divine Realities. This phase is about openings, magic, miracles and infinite gratitude for theDivine Heritagethat allows us to choose our highest timeline.

Somewhere along the Ascension path we thought that we were meant to leave this physical dimension and that we would transcend this realm. However, quite the opposite is taking place. We are being called to value our physical body and material reality and bring Light to these divine expressions. We can only activate our dream life within our physical vessels. This challenges our beliefs, especially our spiritual ones, since we may have concluded that our material realm was unimportant. We need to make peace with all forms of abundance. As we integrateDivine Frequencieswe experience a recalibration process that is both amazing and challenging. Therefore, we share these Transmissions so that you can activate yourDivine DNAand process Light in a natural, organic way.

The answers you are looking for are not linear; they are not what your mind expects. Guidance becomes multidimensional and can be accessed through your Quantum State. These21 Transmissions(energy emissions) activate your cells and energy field so that you can re-shape your reality effortlessly.

We invite you to explore the Magical Universe that has always existed inside of you. Ready to get someAccess Keys?

1. Magic & Miracles.
2. Divine Will.
3. Divine Wisdom.
4. Divine Love.
5. Quantum Jumping.
6. Divine Abundance.
7. Divine Service.
8. Transmutation and Freedom.
9. Sacred Geometry.
10. Divine Realities.
11. Divine Healing.
12. Divine Mastery.
13. Divine DNA.
14. Divine Sciences.
15. Divine Magnetism.
16. Divine Materialization.
17. Divine Fearlessness.
18. Wayshowership.
19. Divine Harmony.
20. Divine Precipitation.
21. Divine Embodiment.

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Welcome to our Enlightened Community!
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Magic Miracles

Are you ready to embody ALL your Divine frequencies/aspects to guide/support human evolution? If so, I welcome you to this first Divine Transmission devoted to Magic & Miracles.

High ideals have never been lost. In everyone’s heart there is a Divine Codethat holds the vision of an Enlightened Universal Civilization. It’s easy to ignite that fire within because that yearning is always active in the hearts of all Beings. Sacred language can access and activate that Code that brings forth the ascended realities.

Trust that all Beings desire the same outcome: peace, joy, health, freedom, love. They all want to be validated and heard; they all want to contribute their wisdom and energy to precipitate New Earth Realities.

Integrity is vital in order to answer this Higher Calling. We each need to clear inner confusion and connect with our hearts. We need to realign with our Highest Purpose, which goes far beyond our personal focus and routines. That awakening occurs when each Being is ready to open their hearts to Light. Fear of Light is no longer supported since that timeline has collapsed. It seems like many people are still recreating it but it’s just residual thought patterns expecting those outcomes. The old matrix is no longer supported since Consciousness is nurturing the crystalline grids. Intercommunication occurs through that clear energy grid now. Talk to the cells; communicate with the core of all Beings; awaken the dormant DNA so that Light can be revealed.

Magic is complete mastery over the physical realm. A Master knows how energy works and can use it to materialize and transform matter. It requires a clear, focused Mind and Heart and a defined energy trajectory. No doubt can interfere with this materialization purpose.

Magic comes from the Highest Realms; you cannot access it through the conditioned mind. You need to bypass linear thoughts and open up to the Universal Mind of God.

Everybody is a magician, a wizard, a sage. Stop fearing those aspects and they will flourish. Everything will be made available to you when you are ready to embrace it.

Divine Will

Divine Will organizes the Universe. When every part is aligned with it, Love prevails. What distracts us from the Universal Flow? Self-centeredness and disconnection from our true nature. Free will and Divine will are one and the same but this is not always understood. Most people feel that if they follow Divine Guidance, there’s imposition and their own choices are being ignored.

What you call God wants you to experience Love. IT wants to provide you with everything that you desire and show you a miraculous world. Miraculous to the human eye since miracles are just the norm for the Divine.

Acting upon God’s will is the answer to all challenges. Every life experience has the purpose of reconnecting you with that Higher Plan. Take a few moments to align with that Higher Intention and follow through. Take a pause and feel your guidance within. It’s exclusive to your path. It’s wise and perfect for you.

Decode your energy field, it’s full of information. You have the power to deprogram and activate whatever you choose. You are your own architect. Design your life at your/God’s will and you shall not have to worry. Listen to wisdom. It’s a soothing, benevolent energy that shows you your Highest Path. You don’t have to stumble along the way; you can walk with grace and determination.

It’s up to every Being to comprehend their own journey. Ultimately, each Being has to awaken their inner Master and take responsibility for their existence. We are all meant to reach spiritual maturity and discern the truth for ourselves.

Divine Wisdom

Divine Enlightenment is experienced when you merge with your entirely activated light body. What blocks this unification process is the pain body as well as human memories and your identification with your limited personality.

The Mind of God is an open pool of energy that has no limits and holds every possible vision and creative possibility. Communion with God means embodying and embracing your Divine Heritage.

As the vibration of your cells accelerate you experience more bliss. Divine Wisdom is experienced at a high vibration; let yourself soar and shine. Allow Light to break through any limitation and find its way. Be present in each moment to whatever needs to happen and don’t compare your path to that of others. Each Being is unique and is choosing unique experiences.

Let go of resistance, shoulds and musts. Be a clean, empty vessel that contains the highest frequencies and you shall know the Divine.

Which parts of you are resisting God? Some parts are tired and frustrated, others don’t believe that you can have a direct experience of the Divine. Allow all those aspects to meet the Light. Just show them the way. Let Light dissolve all (mental) illusions.

Divine Love

Everything is available here and now. When you are sensitive to abundance (Love) you can embrace it. When you embrace it, your deepest desires can materialise. You are a bridge between dimensions and, at the same time, you are aware of the fact that such a bridge does not exist since there is no separation between the different planes of existence. Everything is made of Divine Energy and contains intelligent cells that can regroup to materialise specific outcomes. The arrangement may change but their essence remains the same.       

In order to realign the cells and jump timelines we have to Master the visible and invisible realms (which are the same). We can rearrange the distribution of cells intentionally in order to favour a certain outcome. They key is to activate Divine Mastery. This energy field awakens our magic and miracles. Keep your vibration high and you will be comfortable with those realities. You need to get used to expecting miracles. You just have to match that frequency.

Love, Wisdom and Prosperity. The Holy Trinity. The Miraculous Template that grants you access to the New Human Paradigm. Step in. Welcome to The New Earth!

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