Divine Transmissions

Divine Embodiment sets up new realities for all of us. We no longer need to reprogramme our limiting belief systems and focus on clearing inner blockages. We are now ready to activate our Light Being and Divine Realities. This phase is about openings, magic, miracles and infinite gratitude for theDivine Heritagethat allows us to choose our highest timeline.

Somewhere along the Ascension path we thought that we were meant to leave this physical dimension and that we would transcend this realm. However, quite the opposite is taking place. We are being called to value our physical body and material reality and bring Light to these divine expressions. We can only activate our dream life within our physical vessels. This challenges our beliefs, especially our spiritual ones, since we may have concluded that our material realm was unimportant. We need to make peace with all forms of abundance. As we integrateDivine Frequencieswe experience a recalibration process that is both amazing and challenging. Therefore, we share these Transmissions so that you can activate yourDivine DNAand process Light in a natural, organic way.

The answers you are looking for are not linear; they are not what your mind expects. Guidance becomes multidimensional and can be accessed through your Quantum State. These21 Transmissions(energy emissions) activate your cells and energy field so that you can re-shape your reality effortlessly.

We invite you to explore the Magical Universe that has always existed inside of you. Ready to get someAccess Keys?

1. Magic & Miracles.
2. Divine Will.
3. Divine Wisdom.
4. Divine Love.
5. Quantum Jumping.
6. Divine Abundance.
7. Divine Service.
8. Transmutation and Freedom.
9. Sacred Geometry.
10. Divine Realities.
11. Divine Healing.
12. Divine Mastery.
13. Divine DNA.
14. Divine Sciences.
15. Divine Magnetism.
16. Divine Materialization.
17. Divine Fearlessness.
18. Wayshowership.
19. Divine Harmony.
20. Divine Precipitation.
21. Divine Embodiment.

If, as you read these activations, you feel empowered and uplifted we invite you to make your contribution to our Community. Your donation supports our service and a greater evolutionary movement that benefits humanity.

Welcome to our Enlightened Community!
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