Magic Miracles

Are you ready to embody ALL your Divine frequencies/aspects to guide/support human evolution? If so, I welcome you to this first Divine Transmission devoted to Magic & Miracles.

High ideals have never been lost. In everyone’s heart there is a Divine Codethat holds the vision of an Enlightened Universal Civilization. It’s easy to ignite that fire within because that yearning is always active in the hearts of all Beings. Sacred language can access and activate that Code that brings forth the ascended realities.

Trust that all Beings desire the same outcome: peace, joy, health, freedom, love. They all want to be validated and heard; they all want to contribute their wisdom and energy to precipitate New Earth Realities.

Integrity is vital in order to answer this Higher Calling. We each need to clear inner confusion and connect with our hearts. We need to realign with our Highest Purpose, which goes far beyond our personal focus and routines. That awakening occurs when each Being is ready to open their hearts to Light. Fear of Light is no longer supported since that timeline has collapsed. It seems like many people are still recreating it but it’s just residual thought patterns expecting those outcomes. The old matrix is no longer supported since Consciousness is nurturing the crystalline grids. Intercommunication occurs through that clear energy grid now. Talk to the cells; communicate with the core of all Beings; awaken the dormant DNA so that Light can be revealed.

Magic is complete mastery over the physical realm. A Master knows how energy works and can use it to materialize and transform matter. It requires a clear, focused Mind and Heart and a defined energy trajectory. No doubt can interfere with this materialization purpose.

Magic comes from the Highest Realms; you cannot access it through the conditioned mind. You need to bypass linear thoughts and open up to the Universal Mind of God.

Everybody is a magician, a wizard, a sage. Stop fearing those aspects and they will flourish. Everything will be made available to you when you are ready to embrace it.

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