Divine Will

Divine Will organizes the Universe. When every part is aligned with it, Love prevails. What distracts us from the Universal Flow? Self-centeredness and disconnection from our true nature. Free will and Divine will are one and the same but this is not always understood. Most people feel that if they follow Divine Guidance, there’s imposition and their own choices are being ignored.

What you call God wants you to experience Love. IT wants to provide you with everything that you desire and show you a miraculous world. Miraculous to the human eye since miracles are just the norm for the Divine.

Acting upon God’s will is the answer to all challenges. Every life experience has the purpose of reconnecting you with that Higher Plan. Take a few moments to align with that Higher Intention and follow through. Take a pause and feel your guidance within. It’s exclusive to your path. It’s wise and perfect for you.

Decode your energy field, it’s full of information. You have the power to deprogram and activate whatever you choose. You are your own architect. Design your life at your/God’s will and you shall not have to worry. Listen to wisdom. It’s a soothing, benevolent energy that shows you your Highest Path. You don’t have to stumble along the way; you can walk with grace and determination.

It’s up to every Being to comprehend their own journey. Ultimately, each Being has to awaken their inner Master and take responsibility for their existence. We are all meant to reach spiritual maturity and discern the truth for ourselves.

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