Divine Wisdom

Divine Enlightenment is experienced when you merge with your entirely activated light body. What blocks this unification process is the pain body as well as human memories and your identification with your limited personality.

The Mind of God is an open pool of energy that has no limits and holds every possible vision and creative possibility. Communion with God means embodying and embracing your Divine Heritage.

As the vibration of your cells accelerate you experience more bliss. Divine Wisdom is experienced at a high vibration; let yourself soar and shine. Allow Light to break through any limitation and find its way. Be present in each moment to whatever needs to happen and don’t compare your path to that of others. Each Being is unique and is choosing unique experiences.

Let go of resistance, shoulds and musts. Be a clean, empty vessel that contains the highest frequencies and you shall know the Divine.

Which parts of you are resisting God? Some parts are tired and frustrated, others don’t believe that you can have a direct experience of the Divine. Allow all those aspects to meet the Light. Just show them the way. Let Light dissolve all (mental) illusions.

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