Quantum Jumping

Our evolutionary path may sometimes get confusing. When one timeline dismantles everything seems to collapse and disappear in the blink of an eye. What’s left? Our familiar reality (reference points) seems to disappear and we feel baffled. Deep fear comes to the surface and we sometimes lose touch with inner guidance.

We might feel that as we let go of programming, emotions and human stories we are left emptier and that inner space that we create may seem scary. We might feel that we are hitting the end of faith, the end of our resources, the end of clarity, the end of sanity. We might even doubt consciousness and wonder whether it really exists. How can we move forward? Just surrendering doubt and becoming more spacious, lighter, clearing so many voices and confusing thoughts. At that point, everything is turned around to find a Higher Order.

When our wounded inner child emerges, it just asks for love and wisdom so that innate abundance and grace can flourish. Protection mechanisms fall so that our joyful essence can be freely expressed; without masks, without fitting mental constructs. Just us, in a raw, innocent state.

Doubt is but a leap in consciousness. Let old realities fall away and inner truth remain. Do you feel that Divinity is not real? Do you feel it is just another ego game that wants to distract/entertain you with attractive promises?

It’s up to you to discern what’s true. Nobody can validate your path or choices for you. You decide what you need to let go of and what realities you want to access and explore. You choose the access key, the door, the exit. Everything is real and nothing is.

Are you still listening to a background voice that is recurrently afraid of making mistakes? Do you become too serious and concerned and feel that spontaneity and joy are drained, that fear steps in and disconnects you from inner bliss? Do you feel trapped and running around in circles, not being able to see the Light?

Get out of that mental-emotional loop and experience the new. How has your old Self been magnetised? Does it expect scolding, shame, isolation, restrictions, pain, suffering, disappointment, struggle and lack?

Activate your divine energy field and the frequencies that you need to design your new reality. Let Light express without limits or protections. You’ve chosen to free your Light Being completely. Let it be.

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