Divine Abundance

Look around. Where do you see abundance? Everywhere, right? The Universe is encoded this way. It is abundant in nature. It grants you opportunities that only fear can shut down. Observe how many times you deny abundance and justify a limiting train of thoughts.

Open your heart completely and abundance will always flow. It’s a frequency that even materializes wealth in the physical realm. Let love and resources flow freely. Say YES to invitations, let go of fearful thought patterns. Boost your energy quotient, feed on light. Every breath nurtures you and enlightens your energy field. Take in abundance, indulge in it. God is abundance. Divinity is in the core of everything so appreciate everything.

Take some time each day to witness Divinity. Be grateful for such a wonderful existence. Honour love, wisdom and prosperity: the Divine Blueprint that brings forth the ascended realities. The Golden Age glows inside of you. Find that place within that holds pure light and guide that light towards your entire Being and outwards. Free your light and see that radiance reflected everywhere. Trust the Universal Energy Grid and New Earth Platform. They are based on pure source consciousness. We are all capable now of receiving high light frequencies and embodying heaven on Earth. We are the conduits, the vessels, the new Humans.

Meet everything/everybody within a Light Field. Make that heart-centred connection and speak to the Master within. Uplift every Being and be a beacon of light. Provide the new foundations, find balance and stability within so that transitions are smooth. Evolution is abundance. It’s asking more of you, it’s supporting you in unleashing your full potential. Evolution trusts you and will push your limits so that you face greatness. It’s a catalyst for Self-Mastery.

Step up, share your light, share your transmissions, be a catalyst for New Earth Realities. Old timelines are collapsing at a very fast pace. Embrace the new, learn the new ways, be the Ascended Human; let go of fear and lack since they are old programmes no longer supported on New Earth. Make a choice to walk your highest timeline. Think big, feel openly, share widely, be generous, shine a light on the new path. Show the way, walk with grace, be patient and determined, be open to receive, expect miracles, embrace life fully. And so it is.

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