Transmutation and freedom

A confused mind distorts every experience. You lose touch with reality and become trapped in a cloud of negative thoughts.

Confusion tends to precede deep transformation. New awareness illuminates the old patterns of thought and while they co-exist, we seem to lose sight of inner truth. Limiting beliefs stand out with great force and we feel puzzled. That clearing gate needs to be crossed since it acts as a purifier. On the other side of that door, we feel empowered, clear, freer and knowing we have loosened up and found a new and higher order.

Fear becomes so evident that no longer poses a threat. It becomes visible and the perfect material for us to decode and transmute. It’s just a weakened package of energy ready to be exposed to higher frequencies. It’s amazing how everything is lifted to a visible place to favour transformation and evolution. It’s all acting in our favour.

Ascension requires that we let go of all burdens, heaviness and attachments. Only high-frequency energies can remain. Only love. Divine love.

Let go of anything that does not vibrate as pure love since all that is not divine love is an illusion. Illusion can never bring fulfilment and freedom.

Embrace this alchemical gift. Allow for your inner fire to burn what’s false and inorganic and causes you to experience separation from what you most love and desire.

Transmute and transform. Ascend and free yourself from fear. Open up to sacred love and let it guide your way. You are that love. Walk along your ascended path.

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