Divine Realities

The technology that we need to materialise whatever we choose to experience in physical form is encoded within our physical bodies. Everything we see ‘’out there’’ responds to a code that we carry inside of us. As we release that energetic information we can materialise specific outcomes.

Most people design their lives in egoic ways and following egoic timelines. They seem successful, but those choices lead them to a dead end. In order to design your reality intentionally, in an ascended way, you need to fit into the divine flow. It’s not about achieving something at any cost and doing something that is not aligned with your values, gifts and highest purpose, but about devoting your life to serve the Divine Trajectory.

Understand that self-realization is not about being successful in itself but about what you are successful in. Our highest vision determines our whole existence. If we focus on Light, everything will be enlightened.

Divine Realities don’t allow for limited strategies or visions. They are materialised directly from the heart, from a place of purity and integrity, not of manipulation and control. They are based on inner trust and not on dependency on external factors. We need to completely embody our Divine Self in order to bring forth a Golden Timeline. It requires devotion to Spirit and full acknowledgement of our inner power. Once we embody our highest aspects, we ARE them. What we ARE, we project and magnetise. Therefore, the only way to experience magic and miracles is to match those frequencies within.

A Masterful Life Architect/Designer only counts on internal construction tools and knows how to transfer that energetic ‘material’ into physical form. We need to activate those codes within and open to that consciousness. Be ready to see things manifest in whole new ways. Be open to let go of old methods and embrace the new Light technology.

Spend time activating and deciphering these codes/energy packages and have the courage to step into the new Divine Paradigm. Don’t fear the new ways, they are a gift; they support us in precipitating our desired outcomes with ease and grace. Energy responds to its holder. If you are a divine vessel, your frequencies will realign your whole reality to match that highest state of Being. Just embrace the highest frequencies and let your Divine Destiny unfold.

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