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To heal means to make whole. In other words, health is an expression of Unity Consciousness. When we perceive dis-ease, there is separation/disconnection from Source. That aspect is just asking to be brought back to Love.

Divine healing frequencies carry Pure Light Source (Love) codes. They don’t respond to a specific method that allows for healing to occur. Instead, they flow best when we release them in a natural, organic, heart-felt manner.

This is the reason why the healing art cannot be taught; it can be felt/activated and each Being needs to open their own inner channels and discover their own way of connecting with it. It requires profound trust in our own inner power and how it is best projected outwards.

We need to let go of external sources of healing because they obliterate our own. Let go of lineages, traditions, consensus, techniques. How can we dis-cover our own way of healing if we are constantly looking at how others do it? We need to spend time understanding our own channel, vehicle and healing capacities. Yet, we get bored and distracted. We don’t care to look within and spend time with ourselves. How else can we find what we are looking for?

There isn’t a universal formula because that would not respect uniqueness/individuality. We are each called to contribute our light signature. What we share is not to be copied but to enlighten new paths.

We’ve been trained to believe in massive formulas and standard ways of living; the secret is to find our own and trust that expression/preference. Every Enlightened Being is just a living testimony that Divine realities can be materialised and that we can live in grace. A Master (beacon of light) is not responsible for your destiny; they just have the purpose of reminding you of your highest possibilities. It’s up to you to choose to prioritise and experience them.

Go deep within and access/active your own healing codes. Free that energy and let it guide your actions. Open your inner portals and gateways and let energy flow freely. In the silence and stillness within, let your Divine DNA awaken and New Earth take over.

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