Divine Mastery

War, conflict and disharmony are expressions of separation from Source. Nobody would harm itself so the only way to attack someone is if we see that as separate or different from us.

Unity Consciousness naturally brings all parts together; it reaches a new understanding, rearranges the energy field so that all the different parts are magnetised and enlightened.

Unity must be our focus if we want peace to prevail. We need to dissolve inner violence and projections in order to see the Highest Truth. Only our Divine Perspectivecan shift a painful reality into an extra-ordinary one. We must let go of horror within in the form of memories, stories and expectations. When we make space within, our vibration raises, we ascend, and peace takes over. We need to fill in our bodies with these peaceful frequencies so that each cell, organ and tissue can align with that soothing state.

Our vibration determines our physical experience. We need to choose Love. Invest everything you’ve got on New Earth Realities; this ascended state unfolds when you choose it with all your heart. It’s birthed from pure love.

A Master has a loving energy field. Their only focus is unity and comm-unity. Love has a magnetic force and the more it is amplified, the more abundance you receive/experience. Therefore, if you want to experience divine realities, become more magnetic (to Love). Make love grow without boundaries.

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