Divine DNA

Your DNA responds to love. Your Divine Codes awaken when exposed to the highest light frequencies. Higher Realities are easy to experience though challenging to access. They requiere complete integrity and purity of heart. Our physical body will generally require a detox from old programmes and habits. Love needs to take over since it shifts realities right away.

Most people associate love with romanticism, but Divine Love is a frequency that carries a Humanitarian Code. It awakens the drive to contribute to the upliftment of all Beings.

When our light bodies are completely activated, we become beacons of Light. The purpose of that divine emanation is to enlighten Humanity and bring everything back to Universal Love. Love is an expansive force. It desires to share, inspire, contribute and multiply infinitely. It’s focused on unity.

Your Divine Self elevates the Collective Consciousness. One Enlightened Being is incredibly powerful and has the ability to transmute planetary fear. Global transformation requires relatively few Beings focused on a same Universal Destiny. The power of Light is extraordinary.

Step into your Divine Roles and honour your journey. Let all other parts/pieces fall in their perfect place. Don’t worry about people who are apparently not invested (actively participating) in this Evolutionary Change. The Universal Plan is perfect and we are on schedule! Everything has a purpose and is serving the transition into Unity Consciousness.

All fractals move in unison. However, many would agree that separation/duality appears to rule the world. What if what you saw was just a mirage? What if a thin veil was still distorting the reality you access daily? What if New Earth was already here and you just needed to open your eyes fully and embrace this new reality?

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