Divine Materialization

The physical realm has either been revered or neglected. It’s an aspect of Divinity. It’s a dimension full of opportunities to explore and enjoy. It’s a field in which our consciousness can express, interact and witness itself (in action).

If you have unresolved issues with the material aspect of Divinity, it’s time for you to shed some light on it. What separates you from it? What dangers are supposedly preventing you from loving this plane of existence? What are you suspicious of? What beliefs resist material abundance?

Now is the perfect moment to address these blockages and come to terms with material abundance. Release fear, clear doubt and unleash your innate materialization gifts.

Our electromagnetic fields can both magnetize (attract) and materialize (project) any reality. Magnetism and electricity are really a unified force that allows us to experience whatever we focus on. They are not two separate forces as they are generally described. When we embody Unity Consciousness, everything is perceived as ONE universal flow of energy.

Unity Consciousness is the perfect combination of our male and female principles; two aspects that become one and even more powerful and amazing. That’s the power of our Quantum State. We become whole again, which is greater than the sum of its parts. We vibrate as an undivisive unit capable of experiencing extraordinary realities.

To materialize means to make something physically perceptible; to allow something to come into visible existence. If the art of materialization implies making something visible, where was that presence before? That which is materialized into physical form was before pure (light) energy. Materialization is energy transfer (from one state to another). Therefore, we have the capacity to make energy visible in whatever form or shape we desire.

This Era is about revelations: making visible what was once intangible, occult, unknown, hidden, difficult to access.

Materialization, then, is the ability to dis-cover (stop covering) something so that it becomes visible and available to all concerned.

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