A way-shower is someone who chooses to explore new paths (frequencies) and experience those opportunities before the rest of the human collective does. These Beings bring forth innovation, non-linear approaches to evolutionary challenges and fresh starts.

They are the ones who open Divine Ways. They experience things first so that they can show the way, lead the way and provide shortcuts for others.

It is not an easy role since way-showers bring in the new and that tends to scare people who are totally invested in old realities. People are generally suspicious of pioneers and don’t want them around. From an ego perspective, they appear to be a threat to standardized ways of living.

Huge collectives are now awakening. The purpose is to be exposed to the Light and lead a heart-centred life. Only Light has the power to show us what we have been taking for granted or refusing to address.

Most people’s response to the new paradigm is to insist on the old ways of being and behaving. There seems to be a time prior to change when people become even more defensive of traditional lifestyles and they cling on to their familiar thought patterns. Fear triggers this defense mechanism. This perpetuates an anti-evolutionary loop.

As we embrace the new paths, we sometimes experience physical pain. Contrary to what we might think it means, this type of discomfort is just the result of a recalibration process by which inner portals are activated and new limits are transcended. It’s a form of energetic stretching. We clear inner blockages and break down fear-based programming. There’s intense activity going on inside our bones and teeth as limited programmes start to be re-written.

Wayshowership requires courage, vision and the ability to trust the invisible. Our main relationship is with ourselves. We spend most of the time activating inner realities, choosing the highest personal and collective trajectories, opening portals of opportunity, clearing old timelines. We invest most of our time fulfilling invisible assignments. All that ‘Me time’ translates into awesome life opportunities. Much is accomplished inwardly!

Divine Paths change the game altogether! Purposes and roles change and we need to stay present with these shifts. People become ascension partners, houses become sacred temples, experiences become divine gifts, jobs become services (platforms to support human evolution). Our existence becomes divine and every aspect needs to match this timeline. Anything that does not allow us to own our inner power and be sovereign will disappear from our reality; not as a form of punishment but as a way to free us from those invisible chains. We are being called to reveal our divine state and design realities from the inside out.

The more abundant realities we want to experience, the more we have to stop doing and start being. Divine Realities require no effort; they are birthed from within. They require us to be in a meditative state (not in a meditative position) all the time. We need to cut out distractions (even nice ones) and go deep within to be in the right evolutionary frequency. There’s lots of alone time; alone with our consciousness/inner guidance.

Trust that your most amazing realities will unfold with ease and grace. Don’t go look for them, they’ll find YOU. Just make yourself available to them.

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