Divine Harmony

Divine Harmony cancels inner static. It transmutes mental noise and interferences so that we experience coherence.

The New Human Paradigm is an upgrade of the old one. We used to focus on doing, (over)thinking, forcing resolutions and looking for guidance without. We consulted experts, gurus and people who apparently knew better than us about our own life. How can that be possible? We can only sense what’s organic for us and others when we are connected with our inner wisdom. It’s only from a place of Unity that we can decode our/other Beings' Energy Signature. If we rely on the mind as our main life guide, we will just think of survival strategies that are only focused on providing external security.

New Earth gifts us with a whole new platform of existence. Vibrations change and we become more being-oriented. We now have the chance to enjoy Receptive Frequencies that allow us to stop manipulating results and start receiving. We are entering a new realm of possibilities. What we most desire will start coming towards us instead of us forcing them to happen. It’s just amazing!

We are now called to embrace all our lifetimes and life expressions and stop rejecting who we are and the path we choose to ascend. We have to let go of emotional charge and love our constitution. Every aspect of our life is a response to an inner choice. Even when we encounter higher choices, they don’t belittle previous ones. This is called evolution! Of course we will have access to more enlightened life possibilities as we embody higher aspects.

Instead of identifying ourselves with certain mental or emotional structures and patterns we can now become witnesses. As an observer of our own life choices we are not attached to them. Life is a continuum of experiences that keep evolving us. Every time we say ‘’I AM’’ we encode a certain reality. When we say, for instance, ‘’I AM angry’’, we allow that timeline to unfold. Mastery invites us to be careful with the way we design our daily experiences and to be present with our thoughts, communication choices and expectations. We need to reach a place of inner neutrality in order to make free choices.

New Earth Success is based on authenticity and our commitment to express our inner truth at all times. We won’t thrive unless we are true to ourselves. We can no longer borrow other people’s success/life formulas. We can use them to get inspiration and to stimulate our creative centres but, ultimately, we will need to uncover what makes sense to us and is aligned with our universal purpose.

It’s vital to discern whether our life choices are coming from our mind or our heart. When we feel we are being pulled to do something, our inner guidance/consciousness tends to be involved. When we have to push a reality to crack open, ego is involved. Look for gentle unfoldment of opportunities, even if that triggers anxiety. Ease it by reconnecting with your highest vision and allowing inner knowing to speak up.

It’s important to realize that these Divine Frequencies bring forth new possibilities. We are not meant to criticize our past choices since they represent another dimension of consciousness. Effort was created by an overreliance on our masculine energy. We are now collectively providing access for our Divine Feminine Frequencies to express and restore planetary balance. Just focus on the new and celebrate human growth!

We need to be infinitely aware of our abundance. Every relationship, place and circumstance we participate in needs to be a space for us to contribute our loving presence. We need to let go of drama-based exchanges and stop recreating same old topics of conversation. They are a distraction! Every instant is an opportunity for us to exchange divine light, open new doors, share wisdom, uplift people, juice life up! We definitely need to let go of our need to seek negative attention and share something valuable to all concerned.

There are NO REAL blockages to self-realization! There are just beliefs, misunderstandings and old information running through our energetic system. As we activate more Light Codes, our old template is re-written and Divine Realities naturally unfold. Amazing, right? Evolution is an upgrade in our system. It’s a complete reset of old timelines. We are gifted with softer energies that restore Divine Harmony: being, embracing, receiving, knowing, flowing.

We are reaching a state of Harmonic Convergence within. The New Paradigm replaces the old structures, peace replaces chaos, wisdom replaces ignorance and Divine Harmony blesses The New Earth.

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