Divine Realities

The technology that we need to materialise whatever we choose to experience in physical form is encoded within our physical bodies. Everything we see ‘’out there’’ responds to a code that we carry inside of us. As we release that energetic information we can materialise specific outcomes.

Most people design their lives in egoic ways and following egoic timelines. They seem successful, but those choices lead them to a dead end. In order to design your reality intentionally, in an ascended way, you need to fit into the divine flow. It’s not about achieving something at any cost and doing something that is not aligned with your values, gifts and highest purpose, but about devoting your life to serve the Divine Trajectory.

Understand that self-realization is not about being successful in itself but about what you are successful in. Our highest vision determines our whole existence. If we focus on Light, everything will be enlightened.

Divine Realities don’t allow for limited strategies or visions. They are materialised directly from the heart, from a place of purity and integrity, not of manipulation and control. They are based on inner trust and not on dependency on external factors. We need to completely embody our Divine Self in order to bring forth a Golden Timeline. It requires devotion to Spirit and full acknowledgement of our inner power. Once we embody our highest aspects, we ARE them. What we ARE, we project and magnetise. Therefore, the only way to experience magic and miracles is to match those frequencies within.

A Masterful Life Architect/Designer only counts on internal construction tools and knows how to transfer that energetic ‘material’ into physical form. We need to activate those codes within and open to that consciousness. Be ready to see things manifest in whole new ways. Be open to let go of old methods and embrace the new Light technology.

Spend time activating and deciphering these codes/energy packages and have the courage to step into the new Divine Paradigm. Don’t fear the new ways, they are a gift; they support us in precipitating our desired outcomes with ease and grace. Energy responds to its holder. If you are a divine vessel, your frequencies will realign your whole reality to match that highest state of Being. Just embrace the highest frequencies and let your Divine Destiny unfold.

Divine Healing 1

To heal means to make whole. In other words, health is an expression of Unity Consciousness. When we perceive dis-ease, there is separation/disconnection from Source. That aspect is just asking to be brought back to Love.

Divine healing frequencies carry Pure Light Source (Love) codes. They don’t respond to a specific method that allows for healing to occur. Instead, they flow best when we release them in a natural, organic, heart-felt manner.

This is the reason why the healing art cannot be taught; it can be felt/activated and each Being needs to open their own inner channels and discover their own way of connecting with it. It requires profound trust in our own inner power and how it is best projected outwards.

We need to let go of external sources of healing because they obliterate our own. Let go of lineages, traditions, consensus, techniques. How can we dis-cover our own way of healing if we are constantly looking at how others do it? We need to spend time understanding our own channel, vehicle and healing capacities. Yet, we get bored and distracted. We don’t care to look within and spend time with ourselves. How else can we find what we are looking for?

There isn’t a universal formula because that would not respect uniqueness/individuality. We are each called to contribute our light signature. What we share is not to be copied but to enlighten new paths.

We’ve been trained to believe in massive formulas and standard ways of living; the secret is to find our own and trust that expression/preference. Every Enlightened Being is just a living testimony that Divine realities can be materialised and that we can live in grace. A Master (beacon of light) is not responsible for your destiny; they just have the purpose of reminding you of your highest possibilities. It’s up to you to choose to prioritise and experience them.

Go deep within and access/active your own healing codes. Free that energy and let it guide your actions. Open your inner portals and gateways and let energy flow freely. In the silence and stillness within, let your Divine DNA awaken and New Earth take over.

Divine Mastery

War, conflict and disharmony are expressions of separation from Source. Nobody would harm itself so the only way to attack someone is if we see that as separate or different from us.

Unity Consciousness naturally brings all parts together; it reaches a new understanding, rearranges the energy field so that all the different parts are magnetised and enlightened.

Unity must be our focus if we want peace to prevail. We need to dissolve inner violence and projections in order to see the Highest Truth. Only our Divine Perspectivecan shift a painful reality into an extra-ordinary one. We must let go of horror within in the form of memories, stories and expectations. When we make space within, our vibration raises, we ascend, and peace takes over. We need to fill in our bodies with these peaceful frequencies so that each cell, organ and tissue can align with that soothing state.

Our vibration determines our physical experience. We need to choose Love. Invest everything you’ve got on New Earth Realities; this ascended state unfolds when you choose it with all your heart. It’s birthed from pure love.

A Master has a loving energy field. Their only focus is unity and comm-unity. Love has a magnetic force and the more it is amplified, the more abundance you receive/experience. Therefore, if you want to experience divine realities, become more magnetic (to Love). Make love grow without boundaries.

Divine DNA

Your DNA responds to love. Your Divine Codes awaken when exposed to the highest light frequencies. Higher Realities are easy to experience though challenging to access. They requiere complete integrity and purity of heart. Our physical body will generally require a detox from old programmes and habits. Love needs to take over since it shifts realities right away.

Most people associate love with romanticism, but Divine Love is a frequency that carries a Humanitarian Code. It awakens the drive to contribute to the upliftment of all Beings.

When our light bodies are completely activated, we become beacons of Light. The purpose of that divine emanation is to enlighten Humanity and bring everything back to Universal Love. Love is an expansive force. It desires to share, inspire, contribute and multiply infinitely. It’s focused on unity.

Your Divine Self elevates the Collective Consciousness. One Enlightened Being is incredibly powerful and has the ability to transmute planetary fear. Global transformation requires relatively few Beings focused on a same Universal Destiny. The power of Light is extraordinary.

Step into your Divine Roles and honour your journey. Let all other parts/pieces fall in their perfect place. Don’t worry about people who are apparently not invested (actively participating) in this Evolutionary Change. The Universal Plan is perfect and we are on schedule! Everything has a purpose and is serving the transition into Unity Consciousness.

All fractals move in unison. However, many would agree that separation/duality appears to rule the world. What if what you saw was just a mirage? What if a thin veil was still distorting the reality you access daily? What if New Earth was already here and you just needed to open your eyes fully and embrace this new reality?

Divine Sciences

Shapeshifting is the art of transfiguration. We have the ability to make changes in our physical body and experience an energetic renewal. This physical metamorphosis responds to the vibration we hold. When the Light Quotient is high our physical form can take another shape.

New Earth Sciences are energetically based. This information is available in our DNA. We hold all these Codes within. Only fear and disbelief can block their access.

We are not used to changing realities intentionally. Even when we want transformation to occur, we believe that we have to fix those realities instead of replacing them altogether. We can choose the timeline that is most aligned with our highest evolution and break down linear programmes proactively.

New Earth has a different value system. It is not focused on service to self but on service to all. We are called to fulfil our highest roles and access advanced information to support human development. Science and spirituality merge and this integration will bring about new technology. Unity Consciousness focuses not only on results but also on the means by which they are achieved. New Earth Sciences combine wisdom, innovation and graceful practices.

Shapeshifting is just an example of what an Ascended Humanity can do. Our bodies are now meant to process high light frequencies and undergo a recalibration process that will result in profound changes. This ability to impact matter(our physical body) could bring about radical changes and make traditional science take an evolutionary leap. Shapeshifting involves the acceleration of cellular vibration, a release of mental, emotional and physical density, and the activation of divine love frequencies.

The New Humanity cannot be explained from a linear perspective. It requires that we cross our current boundaries and stretch beyond conventional expectations. Science and magic come together. Magical Sciences (or scientific magic) bring forth unprecedented evolutionary opportunities.

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