Divine Precipitation

Divine Precipitation is the art of accelerated materialization. It’s abundance falling from the sky (stemming from the connection we establish with our highest aspects) and springing from the earth (stemming from our elemental/life force).

We have been convinced of the fact that effort is required for us to earn a living. This is a false conclusion. It is based on a belief system that worships (hard) work, sacrifice, worry and a search for external sources of financial and emotional security. We don’t have to earn a living since we already have been granted with a human life the moment we incarnated in this body/dimension. How can we earn something we already have? This illusionary loop is a trap. It distracts us from the truth that we are ever bountiful. Instead of enjoying and sharing this innate condition, we spend time seeking for what we already have/are.

Before Divine Embodiment occurs, our Divine Channel needs to be open and pristine. This pillar of light that we used to ascend through to establish connection with our highest aspects now becomes a way for the Highest Realm to descend upon us so that we can integrate all those Light Codes in our physical body. Our physical and energetic bodies ask for a profound detox so that they can fully merge and there’s zero energetic interference.

HU-man is the Divine Human. Our Christed Consciousness rises from within and the linear mind is unplugged. Our consciousness functions in such an amazing way that by the time we let go of old mechanisms and experience a wipe out of the old matrix, the new reference platform is already in place. Only the conditioned mind envisions loss, chaos, difficulty and hardship.

This matrix replacement supports us in making a smooth transition. There’s no abyss between realities since consciousness/life intelligence is benevolent and displays a continuum of timelines. Our path is enlightened and masterfully guided.

We are starting to live outside space and time. Those references are created by the linear mind so, as we disconnect from it, we experience absolute freedom; a life without boundaries, blocks, illusions or physical limitations. Time creates despair since most people experience the lack of it. They feel anxiety and pressure and become hyperactive as a way of coping with all the daily demands which, by the way, are self-generated. Space creates imprisonment, lack of freedom and narrow-mindedness since most people experience the lack of it. Both are illusions created by the linear mind. Can you imagine, then, what might be possible outside the mental realm?

We are weaving The New Earth Matrix. As we divinely precipitate this Divine Paradigm we need to release our handbrake so that Light can replace/re-write the old realities.

The New Earth allows for the use of magic. Its Feminine Aspect builds loving Communities of Light around vortexes of power. Feminine magic prepares the elixir that is energetically spread to awaken our Divine Codes.

The Masculine Aspect supports those Communities by allowing an inflow of infinite resources that nurture New Earth Citizens. Masculine Magic precipitates material resources as if by the wave of a magic wand.

Feminine and Masculine Magic merges within and brings forth Divine Magic. Unity Consciousness is a unified expression of the power of Divine Light. We are ready to release our magic and play out the New Earth Realities. Our electromagnetic fields have been calibrated and attuned to vibrating in Divine Frequencies. Our new auto pilot is consciousness, grace, magic, miracles, evolution.

We are experiencing the return to innocence. This is the Resurrection of our Christed (crystalline) Consciousness. This state of purity dissolves any mental blockages since those barriers are the product of a complex mind that is not able to tune into Magical Frequencies.

Full Embodiment is the unification of our physical body and Light body. Spirit and matter merge into a more powerful expression than the sum of its parts: one Divine Mind, one Divine Heart, one Divine Body, one Divine Being that acknowledges its true Self.

Divine Embodiment

Divine Embodiment is the complete integration of Light Frequencies in our physical body, in this dimension that we know as The New Earth. It is an upgrade of Old Earth; an enlightened, ascended version of that previous reality.

You don’t need to do anything external to access it; just enlighten your energy field (Universe) and accessPure Source Consciousness within. Where do you think Divinity resides? How do you think The New Earth is birthed?

We have always thought that Divine Realities were an after-life experience that happened outside of our physical bodies and in another plane of existence. However, this Highest Timeline is displayed here and now, as soon as each individual chooses to experience it. As more Beings invest on this reality, there are collective awakenings that respond to this raise in consciousness. Highest Consciousness easily uplifts all its interconnected parts. They key to experience magic and miracles, then, is YOU; YOUR choice to witness a Divine Existence. You are the portal to The New Earth.

These HU Codes (Divine Human Codes) lie at the core of your Being. They are found deep within, not on the surface. This is the reason why Ascension and Divine Embodiment require that we sleep, meditate, cut out distractions and go as deep as we can. Divine gifts have always been available to those who care to uncover the multiple layers that hide them from human sight.

There is nothing transcendental in your external reality. It’s just a projection of your inner treasures. It’s the world of illusions, where your magic is portrayed for you to witness that everchanging personal/collective Universe of experiences. Upgrade your Magical Universe and allow it to show you all you’ve got.

An Enlightened Humanity is our collective responsibility. We activate it together. We need to re-direct our main resources (time, energy, money) to support the emerging reality and stop using them to engage in egoic, superficial, short-lived distractions/entertainment.

All lives are valuable but not all lives serve (provide service). Our existence becomes transcendental when we stop demanding (victim mentality) and we choose to contribute. Every life experience has the purpose of opening our heart. It can be done abruptly/dramatically or gently, through direct exposure to Light/Consciousness. This is the most organic path to Divine Enlightenment. It's The Way of Non-Resistance

Divine Embodiment occurs when we take a pause and acknowledge our (energetic) essence. Bliss (state of grace) is a Frequency of Being, not of doing. We will never find joy through external stimulation. The bridge to Unity Consciousness is within. Ready to cross it now?

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