Quantum Jumping

Our evolutionary path may sometimes get confusing. When one timeline dismantles everything seems to collapse and disappear in the blink of an eye. What’s left? Our familiar reality (reference points) seems to disappear and we feel baffled. Deep fear comes to the surface and we sometimes lose touch with inner guidance.

We might feel that as we let go of programming, emotions and human stories we are left emptier and that inner space that we create may seem scary. We might feel that we are hitting the end of faith, the end of our resources, the end of clarity, the end of sanity. We might even doubt consciousness and wonder whether it really exists. How can we move forward? Just surrendering doubt and becoming more spacious, lighter, clearing so many voices and confusing thoughts. At that point, everything is turned around to find a Higher Order.

When our wounded inner child emerges, it just asks for love and wisdom so that innate abundance and grace can flourish. Protection mechanisms fall so that our joyful essence can be freely expressed; without masks, without fitting mental constructs. Just us, in a raw, innocent state.

Doubt is but a leap in consciousness. Let old realities fall away and inner truth remain. Do you feel that Divinity is not real? Do you feel it is just another ego game that wants to distract/entertain you with attractive promises?

It’s up to you to discern what’s true. Nobody can validate your path or choices for you. You decide what you need to let go of and what realities you want to access and explore. You choose the access key, the door, the exit. Everything is real and nothing is.

Are you still listening to a background voice that is recurrently afraid of making mistakes? Do you become too serious and concerned and feel that spontaneity and joy are drained, that fear steps in and disconnects you from inner bliss? Do you feel trapped and running around in circles, not being able to see the Light?

Get out of that mental-emotional loop and experience the new. How has your old Self been magnetised? Does it expect scolding, shame, isolation, restrictions, pain, suffering, disappointment, struggle and lack?

Activate your divine energy field and the frequencies that you need to design your new reality. Let Light express without limits or protections. You’ve chosen to free your Light Being completely. Let it be.

Divine Abundance

Look around. Where do you see abundance? Everywhere, right? The Universe is encoded this way. It is abundant in nature. It grants you opportunities that only fear can shut down. Observe how many times you deny abundance and justify a limiting train of thoughts.

Open your heart completely and abundance will always flow. It’s a frequency that even materializes wealth in the physical realm. Let love and resources flow freely. Say YES to invitations, let go of fearful thought patterns. Boost your energy quotient, feed on light. Every breath nurtures you and enlightens your energy field. Take in abundance, indulge in it. God is abundance. Divinity is in the core of everything so appreciate everything.

Take some time each day to witness Divinity. Be grateful for such a wonderful existence. Honour love, wisdom and prosperity: the Divine Blueprint that brings forth the ascended realities. The Golden Age glows inside of you. Find that place within that holds pure light and guide that light towards your entire Being and outwards. Free your light and see that radiance reflected everywhere. Trust the Universal Energy Grid and New Earth Platform. They are based on pure source consciousness. We are all capable now of receiving high light frequencies and embodying heaven on Earth. We are the conduits, the vessels, the new Humans.

Meet everything/everybody within a Light Field. Make that heart-centred connection and speak to the Master within. Uplift every Being and be a beacon of light. Provide the new foundations, find balance and stability within so that transitions are smooth. Evolution is abundance. It’s asking more of you, it’s supporting you in unleashing your full potential. Evolution trusts you and will push your limits so that you face greatness. It’s a catalyst for Self-Mastery.

Step up, share your light, share your transmissions, be a catalyst for New Earth Realities. Old timelines are collapsing at a very fast pace. Embrace the new, learn the new ways, be the Ascended Human; let go of fear and lack since they are old programmes no longer supported on New Earth. Make a choice to walk your highest timeline. Think big, feel openly, share widely, be generous, shine a light on the new path. Show the way, walk with grace, be patient and determined, be open to receive, expect miracles, embrace life fully. And so it is.

Divine Service

Divine Service requires intense upgrade of skills, vision and trust. Lower-frequency energies need to be aligned to an ascended state. Fear acts as a barrier and pushes away what we most desire to experience.

Close/Open your eyes and feel the perfection of this moment. Anchor in this abundance. This moment is complete in itself and does not require what you think is missing. If something was necessary, you would experience it.

We spend most of the time changing the present moment and focusing on what’s missing, should be different or is not apparently available. That creates suffering. Life/Consciousness is perfect and lacks nothing. If in this present moment something else needed to happen, it would. Everything unfolds in a perfect fashion. Trust the simplicity and vastness of this moment.

Silence within the stillness, what a peaceful place to be in! No noise, no disruption, no interference. Inner paradise. Inner bliss.

Divine service means being in service to the Divine. In other words, complete devotion to a holy life. Choosing Unity and Divinity as your primary focus and daily purpose. It asks that we realign every aspect of our Being/Existence to our Divine Essence so that everything reflects back that perfection, beauty, radiance and grace.

Feel the power of such a glowing life! An existence dedicated to the highest service of all: expressing/being Universal Love in action.

Love is a network. It is a conscious field. You ARE that universal field of consciousness. You are Divine love and wisdom. You are a prosperous field that knows no lack.

Christ consciousness is resurrecting from within. It’s emerging through layers of disbelief and disempowerment. Let it rise!

Transmutation and freedom

A confused mind distorts every experience. You lose touch with reality and become trapped in a cloud of negative thoughts.

Confusion tends to precede deep transformation. New awareness illuminates the old patterns of thought and while they co-exist, we seem to lose sight of inner truth. Limiting beliefs stand out with great force and we feel puzzled. That clearing gate needs to be crossed since it acts as a purifier. On the other side of that door, we feel empowered, clear, freer and knowing we have loosened up and found a new and higher order.

Fear becomes so evident that no longer poses a threat. It becomes visible and the perfect material for us to decode and transmute. It’s just a weakened package of energy ready to be exposed to higher frequencies. It’s amazing how everything is lifted to a visible place to favour transformation and evolution. It’s all acting in our favour.

Ascension requires that we let go of all burdens, heaviness and attachments. Only high-frequency energies can remain. Only love. Divine love.

Let go of anything that does not vibrate as pure love since all that is not divine love is an illusion. Illusion can never bring fulfilment and freedom.

Embrace this alchemical gift. Allow for your inner fire to burn what’s false and inorganic and causes you to experience separation from what you most love and desire.

Transmute and transform. Ascend and free yourself from fear. Open up to sacred love and let it guide your way. You are that love. Walk along your ascended path.

Sacred Geometry

Higher consciousness has the power to uplift our limited aspects. When Beings focused on ascension/evolution unite, miracles happen. Evolution does not depend on quantity so much as on the purity of choice. It’s the correct amount and complete predisposition of the elements involved that catalyses transformation. That produces a force that uplifts humanity to a new level of consciousness. It’s not a linear process, let alone one conducted by egoic strategies. It’s about pure love and divine will combined in a unified flow of energy.

People underestimate the power of love. When you convey a message directly from your heart centre, with full passion, purity and integrity, magic unfolds. It’s the most profound, direct and transformational way to touch someone’s life. That energy transmission definitely alters people’s perception and old ways are naturally shredded. That pure heart-centred connection dismantles inorganic timelines and opens a new path, a new opportunity, a miraculous destiny.

Sharing your truth without fear, without holding back, without judging it is powerful. There’s no hiding and your Divine Self can express freely.

It’s time for our unseen aspects and gifts to be revealed and exposed. It’s time for our Divine Self to come out of the closet and shine its light. No more hiding or pretending we are something less than Divine. No more playing human/limiting roles. Greatness within is ready to flourish; open the gate for that inner light to flow freely, without conditions, without masks.

Most of your life you have been pushing for things to happen. Revert the flow of energy. Be open to receive; expect miracles, expect abundance, expect gifts and magical outcomes. Life is amazing! Have a date with your highest destiny!Emanate your light and be ready to magnetise awesomeness as well. Allow your complete field to vibrate in divine frequencies. Don’t settle in for anything less than that.

Sacred geometry has to do with the configuration of your energy field. You can see how sacred parts/particles are displayed and make changes to bring everything back into Divine Order. It’s like an energetic puzzle that you can see, (re)organize and enhance. Sacred geometry outlines realities. It’s the easiest and most direct way to jump timelines, choose your highest trajectory and restore well-being and order.

New Earth enhances your Mastery. It’s an ascended state of existence that knows no need, dependency or lack. New Earth is abundance, joy, community, love, wisdom, flow, respect. It’s the expression/materialization of a mature, transcended Humanity. It’s the display of Divine gifts and realities. It’s the supremacy of consciousness. It’s a world of magic and miracles, of energy materializing into form right before our eyes.

Bilocating, shapeshifting, timeline jumping, cellular toning, light/universal language, unity consciousness are just but a few of New Earth gifts. Be ready for extra-ordinary realities!

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