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Everything that we consume has a direct effect on our light body. It strengthens or debilitates it. We need to be present with what our body magnetizes. Many of the substances that we generally consume on autopilot gradually deplete our vital energy reserve because our body gets used to getting energy from chemicals or external sources and stops producing them in a natural, organic way. We might not be aware of it but this can slow down our lightbody activation; our electromagnetic field debilitates and we may hinder our full awakening. This dependence on external stimuli creates a habit that is challenging to revert.

The use of psychotropics and hallucinogens has become usual in contemporary society. They have a devastating effect on our electromagnetic field. Even in the spiritual community many collectives participate in plant medicine ceremonies in order to explore the spirit world and experience altered states of consciousness. These sacred plants impact the nervous system and trigger a hallucinogenic experience. Many people have become dependent on substances / rituals / practices that they seldom question and whose long-term consequences they are ignorant of.  

I invite you to go back to source; connect with nature and expand through that universal wisdom and explore the transformational power of your own consciousness. It opens the door to your divine potential so that you can unleash it and use your life force to restore and energize yourself, open to new visions and support human evolution.

The New Humanity awakens our Mastery and the use of our innate gifts. It inspires us to strengthen within and establish a healthy relationship with our body, our environment and our Community. We can’t access this reality if our body is intoxicated because that would complicate our development in this higher vibration. The lighter a dimension is the purer and more pristine we have to be in order to process its frequencies and get used to its corresponding energetic nutrition.

This Age is about responsibility (self-accountability) and spiritual sovereignty. We don’t need intermediaries or substances to reconnect with our essence. We deserve to embody our Divine Self and be connected with the Spirit of the Universe.

Every Being / object / substance we interact with has consciousness. When we are exposed to them we exchange all the codes and programmes that we each carry in our energy fields. If we are unaware of what those Beings / objects / substances carry we can get involved in a non-beneficial exchange.

We need to take care of our relationships, our body and our energy field. It’s what drives us on a daily basis and we deserve to treat it with love, wisdom and respect. Everything that we consume corresponds to a certain vibration. Drugs, psychotropics and hallucinogens carry certain energy frequencies.

Are you aware of them?
Do you know what you are exchanging?
What are they supposedly providing?
Are you clear on the physical-energetic price you are paying? Is it worth it?

Focus on the highest vibrations. Find them in your Inner Temple of Light.


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