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When we vibrate in Unity there is no fragmentation; no resistance, rejection or energy drain. Everything comes back to complete us. Dis-ease is created when we think we are separate from Universal Consciousness. Those parts that experience mental, emotional, spiritual or physical illness / pain are disconnected from Light (vital force) and are gradually weakened. They represent aspects that do not acknowledge Consciousness as their original source.

Medicine is the art of making something whole; it unifies what used to be fragmented so that those parts can receive the flow of universal energy to be restored / revitalized. Medicine is not as we understand it today. Spirit Medicine comes straight from Divinity. It’s what drives us and nurtures us on.

What parts are you hiding from the Light?

It’s time to expose everything, enlighten everything and let go of self-judgment since criticism is separate from Universal Consciousness and will not lead you to a resolution. What is separate from Consciousness sickens. The only type of Medicine that has the power to completely and definitely restore our health is Spirit Medicine (Pure Source Consciousness). 

Contemporary society has worshipped false gods and has turned to machines and artificial procedures that promise an instant recovery of our youth, beauty and sense of well-being. The cells in our body know that these approaches are just a quick-fix. They suggest that we don’t trust our inner source of health. We have disconnected so much from (our) nature that we need to rely on external methods that never get to the core of our Being. Our cells ask for energetic nutrition, universal wisdom, Pure Light. We can’t trick them forever.

Standardized youth and beauty ideals are not real; they are just meant to trap us in an endless search for trendy solutions. We need to awaken our own consciousness so that it shows us how to awaken our own health and vitality codes.

Nothing works if we are disconnected from Unity Consciousness. Our attempt to defy it and do things our own way (egoic pattern) just makes us waste our main resources (time, energy, money). All the codes (energetic information) that we need to live a fulfilling life are within, but we don’t take the time to activate them. It is easier to search outside of ourselves, make other people responsible for our well-being and choose quick-fixes. We end up giving our power away.

The external path is long and never-ending since it does not bring solutions, let alone lasting ones. It is a distraction. We start running around in circles and all the things we attempt to implement to achieve sefl-realization lead us to a dead-end road. We cannot love ourselves (reconnect with the Universal Field of Love) through others. Nobody can do it for us. All the answers are within and we need to listen to them without intermediaries.

What are you willing to activate today?
What light mechanisms do you want to set in motion?

Allow yourself to explore the Infinite Universe that lies within. You have been conditioned to think that there’s nothing valuable inside of you and that solutions are elsewhere. Let go of that false belief! You are materialized energy, a field of consciousness that is alive and is eager to self-activate and evolve beyond limits. Ignite new aspects, awaken to new possibilities, open up more channels and free up your energy (life force). Only you can go past the forgetfulness / numbness / passivity mechanisms that make you search for external answers.

The Age of consumerism, immaturity and quick-fixes is coming to a close. It’s time to reconnect with our inner power and use our own energy / consciousness / natural intelligence to live an extraordinary life!


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