Enlightened Humanity

Enlightenment is the complete awareness of our energetic potential (in action). Those of us who are vibrating in this frequency find ourselves in new a territory. There are no more titles/degrees, our spiritual curriculum means nothing, traditions and everything we seemed to know and understand and that defined our value / expertise are no longer valid. In this present moment we are all gathered in the same space of opportunities; a place where differences dissolve and Unity recovers its full power.

We are all energetically weaving a new reality. We are igniting a collective exchange network that favours planetary evolution and invites us to surface to the Light as we express our highest capabilities.

We invite you to actively join our Community to immerse in the highest frequencies. Enlightenment is an immersion experience; it is not enough to relate to it intermittently or from a distance. It requires our full commitment, passion and enthusiasm to dissolve the illusion created by your mind and face the Truth.

It’s time to share our main resources (time, money, energy) to lay the foundation for this Emerging Humanity. This experience transcends all paradigms since it is based on Universal Love. It activates Humanitarian Codes: our authentic availability to catalize an Enlightened Humanity.

There’s a natural realignment in our relationships. They all need to match this ascended state of consciousness. Since we exist as Unity Consciousness, none of our aspects can choose limiting realities or inorganic timelines. 

There are multiple Light Communities emerging throughout the globe. These vortexes of power are not separate; they support a collective network that weaves the Light Matrix that holds a certain energy frequency (Light Quotient) so that the New Humans can connect energetically in order to support human evolution.

Each Being (aspect of existence) that is now answering the call to re(unite) with this Universal Community experiences a profound detox of their nervous and cellular systems, which causes mental, emotional and physical purges. This re(connection) requires purity, integrity and innocence. The Community of Ascension that we choose to more easily embody our highest aspects (Divine Embodiment) is a consequence of the new relationships that we consciously select out of inner resonance. We no longer choose our environments based on external factors (ego conveniences) but based on alignment / coherence / energetic correspondence with the frequencies that vibrate in our electromagnetic fields.

When we elevate our consciousness we experience the recalibration of our emotional body so that we can clear the reactivity created / stored by the ego (old matrix) and open ourselves to sense / feel. Consciousness is common sense. Why, then, can’t we hear it or do we second-guess it? Because we have disconnected from our inner sense and it is no longer common. What it transmits doesn’t make (immediate) sense to us. We need to reconnect with our innate wisdom.

Those of us who inhabit this sacred dimension are great givers. We are passionate about selfless service because we love humanity. Also, we are open to receive the fruit of all we have shared for so many (linear) years. It’s harvest time. We no longer need to protect ourselves from Love; neither do we have to accept it in comfortable doses. We become Love Hosts. We are a safe place, a landing platform for Divine Vibrations.

In Encuentro, we are ready to ease the access to this extraordinary dimension. We are one of the Portals to The New Humanity and we are more than willing to share with you a Universe of infinite opportunities!

Ready to cross all seeming boundaries and embrace an enlightened reality?

Welcome to Encuentro! 
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