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Time is a mental construct. It is created by our thoughts and belief system. We already know that time is relative to the observer and we have surely had many experiences where our inner state dictated the passing of time. It can stretch or contract depending on how peaceful or anxious we are. You may have the idea that you have no command over time and that your experiences with it are accidental/random. You have been conditioned to be a victim of time instead of its ally.

I invite you to play with time intentionally. You can’t do it through your linear mind. You need to step outside of it and merge with Universal Time.

As multidimensional Beings we can walk different timelines simultaneously. When we experience Unity Consciousness we feel that all of them converge into a unified path. All our life force is concentrated on this one trajectory that corresponds to our highest destiny. We can collapse timelines deliberately. When we are ready to stop recreating the same experiences over and over again and we understand the pattern involved we can purposefully cancel that timeline and free up that energy to choose new experiences. Just connect with a higher vision and raise your energy to match that frequency. Whatever is not aligned with that new reality will be naturally be adjusted / reconfigured.

We don’t have to keep on reliving the same outcomes. When we project a timeline and feel it will not get us where we desire we have the power to close it down. When we do this often our field gets used to matching the highest timeline (vibration) available and our evolution is set on autopilot.

Your Time Matrix is within. You need to dismantle it as you become quantum. When you disconnect form linear time your perception / experience changes altogether. When you meditate, spend time in nature, reach a point of inner stillness and connect with Universal Consciousness you exist outside the time-space construct. This dimension erases the time program.

Your highest timeline is the one where you fully remember who you are and you show up as your self-realized version. You will notice it when you experience freedom and you are complete in yourself.

As you play with time, jump timelines, collapse them and consciously choose your daily experiences you open the portal to other favourable side-effects. One of them is cellular rejuvenation. Age, disease, decay and death are the consequences of our limited perception of time and our daunting relationship with it. When we are attached to this belief system (fear and lack mentality) we inevitably comply with its rules and expectations.

We used to be programmed to age, get ill and die. However, we can activate vibrations that reverse the ageing process. Can you envision eternal youth, self-regeneration and self-revitalization? When we unplug from our linear mind we are free to experience other paradigms and possibilities. If we don’t believe in time and its debilitating implications our constitution does not have to change and we can preserve our youth and vitality.

Your old matrix is being wiped out. You might feel tired, exhausted and needing to sleep and be by yourself. Your old system ran on different types of frequencies so as this shift happens you might feel like you are running out of energy. What is really going on is that your new Being is adjusting to the new vibrations and your linear mind cannot relate to them since they are not familiar. You start functioning on a different fuel and this might be experienced as an energetic surgery. You can support this renewal process by lying down, resting and not getting involved in so many activities / distractions. We have been conditioned to engage in hyperactive behaviours and to multitask. However, we are hitting new dimensions where all that anxiety dissipates and we feel the need to focus within. We remember that our power is energetical / vibrational and we value all the time we can spend exploring it and finding new ways to materialize our most abundant reality. We need to allow for our New Being to take shape and come fully online.

Stand on The New Human(ity) Platform. It is a combination of Divine Frequencies that open the following Energy Packages / Codes. When they awaken, your energy field materializes your highest timeline.

High Service.

The New Human(ity) Vibrational Platform.

In this moment you are determining the timeline you choose to walk! Open to its full vibration and awaken your New Human.

Each dimension offers infinite opportunities that are inconceivable to the conditioned mind. We need to stretch beyond its limits and dare to explore Universal Consciousness. Time is a continuum that is not segmented into hours, days, months, years. There is no lack or limitation. We don’t need to meet deadlines since everything is alive.

Ready to experience infinite time? Knowing that something is available already sets that reality in motion. Play with time and be ready for multiple revelations!


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