Unity implies that we are complete in ourselves. It means that we acknowledge our essence and that we know we are the source of everything we experience on a daily basis. Nobody else is responsible for our decisions or life direction. We each choose our own evolutionary path. We have the right to live an autonomous life and to inspire others to do so.

Even if unity is our natural state, we have been conditioned to forget our power and believe that we are disconnected from Universal Consciousness. This is why we not always understand the purpose of certain life events and we think they are accidental or that they are being imposed on us. Until we realign with our original vibration we look for Teachers that guide us towards Unity. They are just beacons that remind us that Unity Consciousness is our birthright and that it is therefore possible to claim that experience. Ultimately, we are ready to embrace our own Mastery and achieve spiritual sovereignty.

When we experience Unity Consciousness everything is simplified. We can comprehend our life trajectory easily and appreciate the perfection and purpose of each experience. We can then open up to a Community of Beings who are also taking full responsibility for their lives. This is an Enlightened Community. It is the natural reunion of Beings who vibrate in the same frequency and are willing to contribute their resources, share their visions and abundance and support personal / collective well-being. This Community is based on affinity and resonance. It cannot be forced. Unity Consciousness erases our egoic traits and connects us with appreciation; it opens our heart so that we share, contribute, uplift, inspire and value every exchange.

If Unity is the acknowledgment of our essence, Community is the acknowledgment of what is possible when those parts ignite something bigger than their own individual lives. The New Humanity is a Communityof Enlightened Humans. It blows our heart open. New Human relationships are based on integrity. Everything is done with love. They require commitment, passion and, above all, gratitude. 

We deserve to live in Unity and contribute our gifts to other Beings to bring forth Conscious Communities. This is our journey and destination. Community does not overrule Unity. On the contrary, it respects and ennobles it. This way Light spreads, amplifies and catalyzes a planetary awakening.

We are called to open completely, passionately, infinitely. Ready to align with The New Human Frequencies?

The Unity Consciousness Code is within. Only you can activate it. The moment is now.


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