An Avatar is a Master. We have traditionally associated them with a non-physical presence and a very distant possibility for many of us.

An Avatar is defined as a deity which comes down to earth in a human form. Since we have projected this quality onto others, we have forgotten that this is our essence. We are divinity in a physical body (Divine Embodiment). This is something natural; it is our original constitution / design. We have disconnected from this truth and this dissociation has created a timeline of suffering, loneliness, pain, confusion and disempowerment.

We sometimes connect with our divine essence when watching a movie or reading a book that triggers that remembrance, only to forget about it as soon as the story comes to an end. What contemporary society defines as science fiction is more accurate than we dare to admit. It is a creative way in which consciousness reminds us of theunexplored potential that is at hand when we choose to embrace it.

A Master is someone who has remembered his / her Energy Signature and uses that innate power to support human evolution. They are mainly defined by their loving actions. Sometimes that frequency is expressed firmly, sometimes compassionately. Masters use their energetic power both to break programs (egoic behaviours) vehemently and to activate Light Codes in the blink of an eye.

Their main gift is their love for humanity. They capitalize on every experience they went through in their own liberation / unification journey so that others can walk a smoother path. They share energetic shortcuts, they simplify processes, they show the way, they outline the highest possibilities and catalize Unity Consciousness so that all the fragmented aspects can be reconciled. Selfishness (false leaders) can expect others to fall into the same pitfalls so that they understand what it takes to awaken. Ego always wants revenge and feeds its victimism. A Master has a loving perspective and shares all his/her wisdom to catalyze planetary ascension.

Masters don't keep anything to themselves. They share everything that is available with their Community. They don’t use their wisdom or knowledge to take advantage of people or to manipulate them. Only ego thinks in such a strategic way. Masters understand that when they enlighten their environment, they enlighten themselves. They understand the Unity Principle.

Self-realized Beings are complete in themselves; they don’t beg or claim. They experience abundance and share it openly. They are not focused on mass opinion, general consensus or in how other people interpret their words and actions. They favour integrity and honesty. Everything is in plain sight. They don’t have an agenda or ulterior motives. They are not money-driven. However, they are open to receive and they value their energy. They have reconciled with love and abundance in all their expressions.

We are all Masters and when we embrace this truth we are eager to trigger this remembrance / wisdom in all Beings so that they can also choose their highest timeline.

Avatars resolve everything in the present moment. They don’t wait, delay or dodge anything. They value each exchange and make the most out of the infinite opportunities that present in each moment.

Avatars don't experience shame. They come out into the open. They show up and step up. They embody their divine essence without resistance; they show respect and reverence.

Avatars know that in order to step through their Unification Portal they need to express gratitude towards all Beings and, mainly, towards their physical and etherical Masters/Teachers/Guides. We can’t ascend if we don’t acknowledge those who showed us the way back home. These Guides don’t need approval; the ones who need to open to this frequency (gratitude) are the ones who choose to Unify. No true Master needs recognition; only those who need to feed their ego want followers, admirers, students or disciples. Avatars feed on light/consciousness, not on flattery or adulation. At the same time, they are open to receive the heart-felt recognition of those who value their essence because they have embraced their own.

Masters live in Unity and know that all the aspects that they have projected onto others are fractals of their own consciousness. They can appreciate all of them because they have integrated all their fragmented parts. Their highest ideal is the supremacy of Light Communities. This is their vision, their journey and their destination. It is the Frequency that they activate in order to open new pathways and bring forth this collective reality. 

Masters are done searching. They have found what they had been looking for; they have found themselves. They devote their lives to catalyzing the collective remembrance of our Divine Heritage because they dream of an enlightened humanity and concentrate on materializing this vision. They are a cosmic force. Nothing stops them.


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