energy signature

We all have an Energetic Imprint that expresses a unique aspect of Source energy. If we perceived ourselves beyond our physical form, we would recognize our Light Essence. It transmits certain frequencies which, in turn, emit colors, tones and vibrations. This is the reason why our presence catalyzes specific (re)actions on those who approach our energy field. Even if we are the Universe and all its frequencies, our physical constitution expresses them in a particular way.

When we are aware of our Energy Signature we have direct access to understanding our life purpose, our innate gifts, our evolutionary path, our service, our origin and destination. Everything is contained within our energy field. When we explore our Unity we understand our makeup and we can use our electromagnetic field wisely and intentionally. We know who we are and we show that openly to the world.

Can you see what each Being is made of, beyond their material form?

Everything that has been materialized responds to a code that transforms pure light essence into a physical body / shape. When Energy and Matter merge they bring forth Enlightened Realities.

Do you feel that your true identity has been erased and you can’t remember / access it?
Are you under the impression that social / mental indoctrination has obliterated your Divine Potential?

This impression is due to the fact that something has indeed been imprinted onto your nature. It is called conditioning and it is meant to switch off your consciousness, install artificial programmes and disconnect you from your energetic essence and the power it holds.

It’s time to come out of the closet and embrace your true identity. You are now ready to access Universal Consciousness since nothing can hinder that connection. You might feel that your physical body needs rest and relaxation, silence and stillness, to complete the reset of your old identity / reality.

What is your Energy Signature?

Let this knowledge awaken in your cells; they keep the codes that appear to have been forgotten and they will whisper the answer to you. Allow this wisdom to emerge from the core of your Being and ignite all the particles in your energy field so that everything is easily revealed. You just have to be present to receive and decipher this information.

Everything you yearn to find is within; in your Temple of Light; in the unfading memory of your HU-man (Divine Human) Identity.


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