wayshowers rise

The New Humanity (ascended dimension of consciousness) reaches resolution. It is a dimension where we reconcile with all of our aspects / expressions and we open new pathways to find new solutions to recurrent challenges. When we step into the land of neutrality conflict dissipates and harmony leads us into higher choices that promote personal and collective well-being.

Receptive Frequencies are spontaneously activated; they invite us to stop doing and explore our state of Being. These subtle vibrations welcome our relaxation, our meditative approach to life, contact with nature and everything that supports our Divine Embodiment. Our physical body has a leading role as it activates high-vibe frequencies that allow us to materialize infinite opportunities as we consciously make use of our Extraordinary Inner Power. It turns into a Sacred Temple, within which every thought, feeling and life direction is enlightened.

Inside our Temple of Light we find guidance, clarity, revitalization, resolution, openings, silence and stillness. It is a space of coherence that easily connects us with our power centre.

We are all wayshowers. All of us who are focused on evolution hold a Code that saves information about this Sacred Assignment: to guide humanity towards its highest timeline. We are passionate about transmitting Light in all its forms to catalize a mass awakening; we all deserve to be aware of our divine constitution.

Our main task is to devote ourselves to our Humanitarian Service, which sets our daily course and simplifies and elevates our existence.

In this conscious dimension we acknowledge our Divine Origin. Our purpose is to embrace our highest possibilities and materialize an Enlightened Humanity. We live in a state of presence. Therefore, we can appreciate abundance in each moment. We have time, access to infinite wisdom, eternal love and endless prosperity. We are ever bountiful, we express our gratitude and we witness daily miracles.

I invite you to connect with your highest roles and purposes.

What phase is ending and giving way to a more abundant use of your energy and resources?
What is awakening within?
What message would you love to share with Humanity?
What is your unique contribution to collective evolution?

Open the door to Universal Truth and find all that is available as you step through it.


masterful conversations

What is a masterful conversation? It is an exchange / transmission that is focused on activating Light Codes and opening new pathways. It brings forth evolution and supports Beings in reconnecting with their gifts, universal purpose, humanitarian service and highest timeline. It clears distractions and egoic thoughts and dissipates mental fog.

When we make Divine Statements everything we choose to experience is aligned with our inner knowing. There is conviction and complete allowance in our words. We don’t make wishes; we make things happen by being vibrationally available to the reality that is ready to unfold through us. We witness our enlightened existence and contemplate its perfection.

We are a field of non-resistance. Therefore we embrace Love in all its expressions. We deserve to keep masterful conversations with ourselves and our Community; choose enlightened words, enlightened tones, enlightened purposes, enlightened timing. Everything we emit carries a certain vibration and we can choose the most refined one.

You have a lifetime of opportunities.

Are you making the most out of it?
Are you willing to set new standards and soar?
What do you really want out of this lifetime?
How far do you want to take it?

I invite you to take a pause, answer these questions and feel how they resonate within. You can write down the answers and let them sink in.

Your highest vision outlines your highest possibilities. You can expand your field of opportunities as wide as you choose. How far are you willing to stretch?

I invite you to become infinite and lead an Extraordinary Life! Explore what is available outside the familiar world of limitations. There’s a vast Universe beyond the boundaries of your mind. Get out of the box and explore Universal Consciousness. Merge with it. Claim your Universal Identity! Come back home.


universal consciousness

It’s time to remember who we truly are. We are a cosmic force. We embody the whole Universe but we have disconnected from that truth. We just need to birth it from within (free that power) instead of containing/repressing our life force. Our presence unites our ancestral wisdom and all our timelines in one trajectory that merges all dimensions and possibilities. When we integrate all of our aspects we become the Universe, i.e. we remember our true essence.

A powerful spiritual practice can only support you in accessing your highest timeline and catalyzing the remembrance of your Universal Identity. Only you can be aware of your connection with that Universal Force. There’s nothing you can get/receive from a spiritual practice that you didn’t have before. Nothing is added from without. Nobody can do anything for you. You need to open your eyes and acknowledge what has always been yours. A Master/Guide can only show you the way back home; you must open the door. 

Spiritual awakening does not add anything to your existence. It may disappoint you if you were expecting a big event to take place or you thought you would have a psychedelic experience. Your true nature is simple; it's natural; it's the realization of your universal origin. 

Who you awaken to be is who have always been; it's your constitution. You can only realize what you have denied / forgotten about yourself and come to terms with it. Awakening is a peaceful state, not an exalted one. To activate your divine codes means that you unleash that wisdom within so that it becomes available; not as a mental concept but as the direct experience of your divine design.

Ready to be you? Ready to show up without masks, the need to play small or disguise your Energy Signature to fit in? That drains your vital energy; it requires effort to try to suppress the universal force that lies inside of you. Just open the gate and let it flow.

There’s no such thing as a Spiritual Path. We are all Spirit (Consciousness) on a Life Path (physical incarnation). We are all together in this. Some may be aware, others may still be trapped in forgetfulness. We are One Universal Flow choosing the same evolutionary direction. We can make the choice to get actively on board and even support other Beings in remembering their role within existence or keep on playing the old games. We can choose to get out of the egoic loop and claim our power.

What do you expect from Life?
What’s the purpose of your existence?
What’s the Universal Truth? Are you ready to embrace it?
Do you really appreciate your life?
Are you considering the vastness of opportunities that you can choose to explore?

Your life force cannot be contained in an office cubicle, within a few loved ones, in limited environments, a bank account, a certain job or career. You have access to the Universal Resources. You are a boundless Being. Break through any remaining structures that limit your awareness. You are wild, your are a child of the Universe. Your home is nature, the open sky, the stars, the vast seas, the golden beaches, the magnificent mountains, the animal kingdom, the plants and flowers that grow all around, the minerals, silence and stillness. You deserve to reconnect with nature, openness, your bare feet, your like-hearted community, abundance, freedom, greatness; just because you ARE that. How long will you insist on denying your true essence?

You have universal access to anything you truly desire. Why limit your opportunities? Why not withdraw resources from the Universal Bank Account? The Universe is inside of you. The more you become aware of it, the more it displays in your external reality for you to appreciate your vastness and perfection. The external world is your gift; it mirrors your evolution and how much you have remembered.

You can trigger this awareness right now. You can restore your connection to Source without intermediaries. You can let go of resistance and merge with the Universe. You don’t need anything / anybody to do so.

Why would you have to be unaware of your full potential? What’s the purpose of living such a life? It's time to wake up!


play with time

Time is a mental construct. It is created by our thoughts and belief system. We already know that time is relative to the observer and we have surely had many experiences where our inner state dictated the passing of time. It can stretch or contract depending on how peaceful or anxious we are. You may have the idea that you have no command over time and that your experiences with it are accidental/random. You have been conditioned to be a victim of time instead of its ally.

I invite you to play with time intentionally. You can’t do it through your linear mind. You need to step outside of it and merge with Universal Time.

As multidimensional Beings we can walk different timelines simultaneously. When we experience Unity Consciousness we feel that all of them converge into a unified path. All our life force is concentrated on this one trajectory that corresponds to our highest destiny. We can collapse timelines deliberately. When we are ready to stop recreating the same experiences over and over again and we understand the pattern involved we can purposefully cancel that timeline and free up that energy to choose new experiences. Just connect with a higher vision and raise your energy to match that frequency. Whatever is not aligned with that new reality will be naturally be adjusted / reconfigured.

We don’t have to keep on reliving the same outcomes. When we project a timeline and feel it will not get us where we desire we have the power to close it down. When we do this often our field gets used to matching the highest timeline (vibration) available and our evolution is set on autopilot.

Your Time Matrix is within. You need to dismantle it as you become quantum. When you disconnect form linear time your perception / experience changes altogether. When you meditate, spend time in nature, reach a point of inner stillness and connect with Universal Consciousness you exist outside the time-space construct. This dimension erases the time program.

Your highest timeline is the one where you fully remember who you are and you show up as your self-realized version. You will notice it when you experience freedom and you are complete in yourself.

As you play with time, jump timelines, collapse them and consciously choose your daily experiences you open the portal to other favourable side-effects. One of them is cellular rejuvenation. Age, disease, decay and death are the consequences of our limited perception of time and our daunting relationship with it. When we are attached to this belief system (fear and lack mentality) we inevitably comply with its rules and expectations.

We used to be programmed to age, get ill and die. However, we can activate vibrations that reverse the ageing process. Can you envision eternal youth, self-regeneration and self-revitalization? When we unplug from our linear mind we are free to experience other paradigms and possibilities. If we don’t believe in time and its debilitating implications our constitution does not have to change and we can preserve our youth and vitality.

Your old matrix is being wiped out. You might feel tired, exhausted and needing to sleep and be by yourself. Your old system ran on different types of frequencies so as this shift happens you might feel like you are running out of energy. What is really going on is that your new Being is adjusting to the new vibrations and your linear mind cannot relate to them since they are not familiar. You start functioning on a different fuel and this might be experienced as an energetic surgery. You can support this renewal process by lying down, resting and not getting involved in so many activities / distractions. We have been conditioned to engage in hyperactive behaviours and to multitask. However, we are hitting new dimensions where all that anxiety dissipates and we feel the need to focus within. We remember that our power is energetical / vibrational and we value all the time we can spend exploring it and finding new ways to materialize our most abundant reality. We need to allow for our New Being to take shape and come fully online.

Stand on The New Human(ity) Platform. It is a combination of Divine Frequencies that open the following Energy Packages / Codes. When they awaken, your energy field materializes your highest timeline.

High Service.

The New Human(ity) Vibrational Platform.

In this moment you are determining the timeline you choose to walk! Open to its full vibration and awaken your New Human.

Each dimension offers infinite opportunities that are inconceivable to the conditioned mind. We need to stretch beyond its limits and dare to explore Universal Consciousness. Time is a continuum that is not segmented into hours, days, months, years. There is no lack or limitation. We don’t need to meet deadlines since everything is alive.

Ready to experience infinite time? Knowing that something is available already sets that reality in motion. Play with time and be ready for multiple revelations!


back to source

Everything that we consume has a direct effect on our light body. It strengthens or debilitates it. We need to be present with what our body magnetizes. Many of the substances that we generally consume on autopilot gradually deplete our vital energy reserve because our body gets used to getting energy from chemicals or external sources and stops producing them in a natural, organic way. We might not be aware of it but this can slow down our lightbody activation; our electromagnetic field debilitates and we may hinder our full awakening. This dependence on external stimuli creates a habit that is challenging to revert.

The use of psychotropics and hallucinogens has become usual in contemporary society. They have a devastating effect on our electromagnetic field. Even in the spiritual community many collectives participate in plant medicine ceremonies in order to explore the spirit world and experience altered states of consciousness. These sacred plants impact the nervous system and trigger a hallucinogenic experience. Many people have become dependent on substances / rituals / practices that they seldom question and whose long-term consequences they are ignorant of.  

I invite you to go back to source; connect with nature and expand through that universal wisdom and explore the transformational power of your own consciousness. It opens the door to your divine potential so that you can unleash it and use your life force to restore and energize yourself, open to new visions and support human evolution.

The New Humanity awakens our Mastery and the use of our innate gifts. It inspires us to strengthen within and establish a healthy relationship with our body, our environment and our Community. We can’t access this reality if our body is intoxicated because that would complicate our development in this higher vibration. The lighter a dimension is the purer and more pristine we have to be in order to process its frequencies and get used to its corresponding energetic nutrition.

This Age is about responsibility (self-accountability) and spiritual sovereignty. We don’t need intermediaries or substances to reconnect with our essence. We deserve to embody our Divine Self and be connected with the Spirit of the Universe.

Every Being / object / substance we interact with has consciousness. When we are exposed to them we exchange all the codes and programmes that we each carry in our energy fields. If we are unaware of what those Beings / objects / substances carry we can get involved in a non-beneficial exchange.

We need to take care of our relationships, our body and our energy field. It’s what drives us on a daily basis and we deserve to treat it with love, wisdom and respect. Everything that we consume corresponds to a certain vibration. Drugs, psychotropics and hallucinogens carry certain energy frequencies.

Are you aware of them?
Do you know what you are exchanging?
What are they supposedly providing?
Are you clear on the physical-energetic price you are paying? Is it worth it?

Focus on the highest vibrations. Find them in your Inner Temple of Light.


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