We serve Planetary Enlightenment and are ready to guide you on the path to individual and collective evolution. Do you also visualise an Enlightened Humanity? Do you want to contribute your time, energy and resources to materialize this reality? Together, we can shape our highest destiny.

We offer a direct path to Enlightenment (liberation). We serve human collectives who are ready to embody Higher Consciousness. Both in our online programmes and in-person events, we share shortcuts to help you transcend your belief system so that you can connect with your heart wisdom and open a portal to infinite levels of consciousness.

We support global evolution and, therefore, we share what we most value:

*live programmes and events in which you can share your revelations with our Team and receive transformational feedback.
*weekly-monthly support so that you can apply all the wisdom that you reveal as you expand consciousness.
*synthesis and acceleration so that you can access the Unified Field of Consciousness and embrace evolution.
*constant renovation so that you can integrate what is relevant in each phase of individual and collective evolution.

We are all Wayshowers. Those of us who are centred on evolution give ourselves to the task of guiding humanity towards its most abundant expression. We are passionate about transmitting consciousness in all its forms to catalyse the collective remembrance of our full potential. Commitment to this Humanitarian Service is our primary occupation. It sets our daily course and simplifies and enhances our existence.

Join our Community and immerse yourself in the highest energy vibrations. Enlightenment requires your commitment and your willingness to step out of the illusion your mind has created; coming face to face with the Truth requires devotion, passion and enthusiasm.

It is time to contribute our main resources to lay the foundations of the New Emerging Humanity. This experience transcends every paradigm and it is based on a principle of Universal Love-Truth. It ignites our Humanitarian Codes: our availability to catalyse global transformation. Enlightenment is not a point of arrival. There are infinite levels of consciousness to be explored and they unfold as we become prepared to open those portals.

We support a heart-centred Education in order to realize this collective vision. This implies that each human being can access their own wisdom and keys to evolution to make a valuable contribution to humanity and to the planet. Enlightened Beings have a positive impact on all areas of human development since they prioritise the common good. They bring innovation and concrete opportunities for change. They are governed by the Law of Unity, which brings prosperity to all. Those who are aware of their original wisdom are beneficial to the human collective.

We offer a variety of online programmes and in-person events in order to cover the main themes that are relevant in the different phases of evolution.

*Private Sessions.
*Awaken your Zen Millionaire.
*Become a Quantum Materializer.
*Embody your Universal Self.
*The Power of Silence.
*Embrace Paradise.

Join our events to support this global initiative!

Welcome to our Community!

The Team