Are you ready to experience a radical transformation? We will share keycodes necessary to unlock your innate potential. Get direct access to yourSelf so that you can connect with your inner wisdom and identify your own keys to evolution.

We offer a direct path to Enlightenment (liberation). We serve human collectives who are ready to embody Universal Truth. Both in our online programmes and in-person events, we share shortcuts to help you transcend your belief system so that you can connect with your heart wisdom and open a portal to infinite dimensions of consciousness.

Ready to stop compromising and let go of inner resistence? Do you want to attune to your highest vibration and live like a Zen Millionaire? 

This online programme offers you the opportunity to overcome your scarcity mindset and tap into the flow of abundance. Your Inner Beggar has kept you from opening the doors to prosperity. However, you know that nothing can prevent your development. We invite you to open your heart, to embrace your spiritual gifts and to become an agent of individual and collective transformation.

Are you ready to live wisely? Trust your Humanitarian Heart and experience an enlightened reality!

*Live in Unity Consciousness.
*Embody universal wisdom.
*Embrace your spiritual-material expansion.
*Open yourself to the resources that allow you to materialize your highest vision.
*Serve human evolution.
*Become part of an Enlightened Community to accelerate your growth.

Intensive Programme8 two-hour group sessions. 
Day: to be confirmed.
Time: 1 pm (UTC -4) / 2 pm (UTC -3) / 1 pm (EST) / 7 pm (GMT +2)  TIME ZONE CONVERTER
Modalityonline (Zoom platform).
Monthly contribution: to be confirmed.
Paymentbank deposit, wire transfer or Paypal.

We welcome you to this life-changing experience!

The Team.


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