Are you ready to attune to your true Self and live an Enlightened life? We offer you grounded wisdom so that you can embrace self-realization. Unless your awakened state brings about radical transformation, it doesn’t serve You!

Let's co-create Masterful Conversations to accelerate your evolution!

If there was a New Earth University, ours would be dedicated to Service. 
This is the reason why this high-vibe programme is meant for Visionaries, (potential) Guides, Wayshowers, Pioneers and the New Leaders who are ready to Serve Humanity. It offers you 3-month training sessions to support individual and collective evolution as we access new dimensions of consciousness. It is based on live heart-centred transmissions, advanced energy activations and enlightened exchanges so that each participant can connect with all they need to know to experience genuine spiritual empowerment.

Whether you want to up-level your service or you are just starting to explore how you can better support humanity in its transition to Enlightenment, we have so much to share! We will tune into the new vibrations that are already available to all those who want to take their development to the next level.

Are you ready to awaken your quantum health and abundance Master Codes?
Are you ready to raise the vibration of the Planet?
Are you ready to undergo constant transformation?
Are you ready to realize your highest vision?

We offer a direct path to Enlightenment (liberation). We Serve human collectives who are ready to embody Higher Consciousness. Both in our online programmes and in-person events, we share shortcuts to help you transcend your belief system so that you can connect with your inner wisdom and open portals to infinite levels of consciousness.

Join this wave of collective enlightenment and feel what it is like to embrace the Universal Flow and be guided by the Law of Unity. Remember how to awaken your heart’s intelligence in order to access the Quantum Field and be able to realize your highest vision!

Module 1:

EUS Module 1

*Grow to spiritual Maturity.
*Deepen self-awareness.
*Explore Unity Consciousness.
*Tap into the Absolute!
*Access your Multidimensional Self.
*Master timeline dynamics to accelerate your evolution.
*Understand your Embodiment process.
*Activate your quantum DNA.
*Explore the 3 main phases of DNA activation.
*Use vortex energy to accelerate your evolution.
*Work on the inner planes to activate new light codes.
*Hold higher vibrations and use them to realize your grandest vision.
*Reveal the Global Evolutionary Plan and support the highest trajectory for humankind.
*Align with your highest Service roles.
*Transcend all your archetypes (inauthentic aspects) to find liberation.
*Complete looping patterns and be ready to activate Source Light Codes.
*Don’t be just a Dreamer … become a Quantum Materializer!
*And much, much more!

***Each group session lasts 2 hours.***

Day: Saturday.
Dates: to be confirmed,
Time: 2 pm (UTC -4) / 3 pm (UTC -3) / 2 pm (EST) / 8 pm (GMT +2) Time Zone Converter
Modality: Zoom (Virtual Platform).
Monthly Contribution: to be confirmed.

Welcome to this mind-blowing experience!

The Team.

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